Pandawa Personnel-Admin

We possess extensive experience in handling various corporate personnel administration and outsourcing affairs. Reliable resource competence and serving with heart is the key to success which has placed Pandawa Personnel-Admin a trusted agency by its Partners and Users.

With enriched experience and professional support, Pandawa continuously expands its area of services across organizations, functions and operations situated in:
  • Jabodetabek in particular
  • Indonesia in general
  • Overseas Countries

  Pandawa Recruitment & Assesment Center

We allow prospective employees with wide range opportunities to submit their CVs and Employment Application to PT Pandawa Karya Citra. With various methods and discipline of science, we are strongly committed to guiding job seekers to find the most suitable workplace they wish to be. On the other side, Pandawa Recruitment & Assessment Center is trying to fulfill the need of companies to seek competent and characterized personnel as expected. Our strength primarily rests at Professional/Managerial/Operational personnel in the following fields:
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Human Resources / Organization Development (Back Office in general)
  • Sales/Marketing

  Pandawa Education & Training Center

It is directed by experienced and qualified professionals in human resource development, assuring success to employees and partners/users entrusting their employees to develop their skills and competence in this agency. Strong emphasis on character building and basic competence has brought Pandawa Education & Training to enjoy trust of Partners and Users.
  • Pandawa Core Values Internalization
  • Pandawa Supervisory Development Program
  • Pandawa Manager Development Program

  Pandawa Industrial Relation Center

Assisting partners/users to deal with various matters related to Industrial Relation, curative, preventive and most of all educative. Extrajudicial approach and amicable dispute resolution without creating further conflicts has become our primary focus in providing services to Partners/Users.

  Pandawa Pension Preparation Center

Pandawa Pension Preparation Center is the solution for Partners/Users to enjoy serenity during the pre-retirement period and assists the company to prepare and manage the future of retirees. The participation of outsourcees in this program will assure that the gap between Permanent and Contracted/Outsourcing Employees will be eliminated.